Access from any device with internet access.

See the location of their mobiles 24 hours 365 days a year

Friendly User Interface

Its UI design optimizes on-screen visualization, integrating vehicle information.

Maps and satellite images

Vector georeferenced maps and satellite images.

Detailed information

Every kind of view has several detail levels (zoom tool), and maps display city, road and street name information.

Custom Cartography

Additional cartography layers provided by the client can be incorporated if needed.

Vehicles panel. Identification, location and speed readings.

Vehicles panel. Satellite images and location of vehicles.

Vehicles subpanel. Detailed information on routes.

Vehicles subpanel. Calculation of distances by date range.

Lists. View list of editable parameters.

Forms. Friendly interfaces for creating and editing.

More control

SkyControl offers an extensive list of features that allow access to detailed information of mobile, analyzed according to various scaling parameters and export for further processing.

In addition, we constantly continue to develop new tools according to the requirements of our customers.

Real-time location

Real-time online location of vehicles, showing relevant data such as current speed, direction, position and state of the alarms.

Alarms and alerts

Alarms for detecting deviations, mileage and maximum speeds, in addition to automatic notifications when entering, approaching or leaving zones previously specified on the map.

Start and end of working day

Start and finish time of the vehicle's working day, performance and activity duration.

Route history

Route history containing detailed information about readings, alarms and statistical information. There are no time restrictions for accessing historical data.

Performance and amount of working hours

Statistical information including maximum and minimum speeds of the working day, distance traversed by each vehicle, and number of recorded readings.

Identification of streets and rural roads traversed by the vehicle.

Number of times a vehicle crossed a specified line (particularly useful heavy machinery).

Export in PDF and Excel

Ready to add custom cartographic layers in order to extend Google Maps visualizations. This is especially useful for logistic projects, rural roads, and maritime and aerial maps.

Online visualization of reports and the ability to export them on PDF and Excel formats.

Itinerary data export for offline viewing and analysis.


Flow meter.
Panic button.
Remote door opening.
Indoor GPS readings fix.
Engine temperature.
Cold chain tracking.
Interface to seed drill monitoring tools.

Control your fleet in real time

Agricultural machinery: seed drills, combine harvesters, spraying machines.

Heavy machinery: trucks, tractors, motor graders.

Freight transport

Passenger transport: long distance and short distance buses, taxis, maritime and air transport.

Other: company vehicles, ambulances, rental cars, garbage trucks, mail trucks, fuel transport, private cars, or any kind of vehicle that needs 24/7 monitoring.


Discounts according to amount of
equipment and payments methods.

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CMZ S.A.incorporates in its manufacturing processes graders SkyControl Satellite Monitoring Technology.


Previous kit

RISC microcontroller with 4 serial ports, power system supervision and watchdog.

High quality GPS, extended temperature range, with integrated antenna. Tracking sensitivity: -165 dBm.

Quad band Modem GSM-GPRS, extended temperature range, TCP-IP stack built. Internal antenna.

Non-volatile memory for recording of route cobertuar absence of GPRS. Record up to 12000 points.

Interchangeable SIM card, works with all GSM operators.

Configurable operating parameters according to the vehicle (configuration via USB port and dedicated software).

Transmissions to changes in time, place or mobile speed (whichever comes first, as set values).

RS232 port for connection of additional sensors.

LED status display of GPS and GPRS transmissions.

Multiple inputs and outputs for monitoring states, analog values, switching feeds, etc. Supports connection of a panic button / alert.

Wide range power supply: 9-26 Vdc

Average consumption: <100mA at 12VDC.

Size: 192 x 128 x 52 mm.

Starting AR$ 275 monthly

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